Smartest Dapp Solution For Everyone

A new dapp innovation equipped with various features that aim to make it easier to bulk send, sell, and convert your crypto into fiat in one application.


Easy to use for everyone

We try to create apps that are as simple as possible without compromising usability to make it easy for new users to use.

Web3 based bot application

Bots are automated, which means they run according to their instructions, Typically they do repetitive tasks, and they can do them much faster than human users could.

Smart wallet with multi tools

VortexCash comes with a smart wallet that can help you to create your own erc20 tokens, bulk transfer, convert eth to fiat and many other exciting features.

What is Vortex Cash ?

Vortex Cash Introduction...

Vortex Cash is a web3 based application to make it easier for you to do all kinds of crypto transactions, from sending to bulk addresses, creating your own erc20 tokens, cheap AMM dex router and gwei tracker to see how much gas etherscan ask for to make a transaction.

Vortex Cash created to solve many traders problem on Ethereum chain to create freedom space from expensive gas fee.

Bulk Sender

Bulk send your tokens with one click to multiple addresses in an easy way and low gas fee.

ERC20 Generator

Create your erc20 tokens now without having to know solidity language easily with just one click.

P2P Wallet

Want to exchange to fiat? vortex cash provides a direct p2p wallet to exchange your ethereum to fiat quickly.

Smart Dex

Swap tokens quickly, cheaply, and easily with our dex that features with sniper contract to detect the mempool of all tokens on the ethereum network.


VOC Tokenomics

Total Supply

1.000.000 $VOC


4% to research and development

Team Token

5% team token locked for 1 month


5% to partnership allocations


90% Goes to Liquidity




- VOC -

Feel free to use our Dapps

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Currently Vortex Cash dapps is still under development, if you find some bugs, please report it to our admin on telegram.